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Ludum Dare #23 – iblic

Ludum Dare #23 is over and I created a html5 game with cocos2d-javascript.
It’s very short and can be completed in < 3 minutes on the first time.

Here’s the Ludum Dare entry: click
Here you can directly play it: click

I also made a timelapse video of me creating it:

For bug-reports please metion your browser, version and operating system.
I had some reports of the game crashing/ slowing down on the second map that I sadly can not reproduce, yet.

There will be a Post Mortem blogpost soon.
Maybe I’ll even release a second episode explaining all these open questions you’ll have at the end.

Offtopic: Exploring the uploader-side of youtube I also uploaded a video of an old OpenGL terrain test:

Youtube really has some awesome music in their library.