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Upgrade Raspberry-pi SD-card

Quick way to move your raspberry pi installation to a new (bigger) sd-card.
It worked fine for me (16GB to 32GB different card-manufacturers), but I wouldn’t grantee it.

First shutdown your rasperry-pi and remove the current sd-card. Insert the card into your computer and unmout it (if automounted). Figure out the name of your computer’s sd-card-slot with dmesg (here it’s mmcblk0 make sure you pick the card and not a partition on it like mmcblk0p1).

sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=~/rpi-card.bin

Wait for a long time until it finishes coping an image of the old card. Remove the old card and insert the bigger one. All data on the new card will be wiped, so ensure you lose nothing.
Make sure the new card is unmounted before your run this command:

sudo dd if=~/rpi-card.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0

You can append another command to alert you when the writing has finished like this:

sudo dd if=~/rpi-card.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0 && mplayer drowning-pool.ogg

It will copy the exact image of the old card to the new one.
This takes a bloody long time, so make sure your computer is charged and you’ve got something better to do.

Now put the new sd card into your raspberry-pi and boot it up.

sudo raspi-config

pick resize root fs, reboot and that’s it.


Modern game design: choices

Today: decisions and consequences

Ludum Dare #23 – iblic

Ludum Dare #23 is over and I created a html5 game with cocos2d-javascript.
It’s very short and can be completed in < 3 minutes on the first time.

Here’s the Ludum Dare entry: click
Here you can directly play it: click

I also made a timelapse video of me creating it:

For bug-reports please metion your browser, version and operating system.
I had some reports of the game crashing/ slowing down on the second map that I sadly can not reproduce, yet.

There will be a Post Mortem blogpost soon.
Maybe I’ll even release a second episode explaining all these open questions you’ll have at the end.

Offtopic: Exploring the uploader-side of youtube I also uploaded a video of an old OpenGL terrain test:

Youtube really has some awesome music in their library.

Hello world!

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